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Why Should I Visit San Andres?

San Andres Vacation Packages

Why Should I Visit San Andres?

San Andres is an idyllic Caribbean Island, which places you in a whole new world. The sister island of San Andres is Providencia and both boast exclusive geography, history, language and cultures. San Andres and Providencia are as distinct from one another as they are from the rest of their country, Colombia. They do however both belong to the same archipelago on a beautiful turquoise ocean known as “The Sea of Seven Colors.” With the help of Arik Travel, we can offer you unbeatable San Andres vacation packages, offering you the vacation of your dreams.

Why Should I Go?

The number one reason you should visit these islands is to experience the life that the locals have.

Although Christopher Columbus may have been the first European to step foot on the islands, that’s where their stories differ. English pilgrims were the next to arrive, aboard The Seaflower, which tells us why the locals speak a Creole language that incorporates English, Spanish and several African languages. In fact, the whole culture found on the islands descends from African slaves and English settlers, with a heavy Caribbean influence.  This is why a trip to the islands of San Andres and Providencia will always be so memorable; the mixture of cultures is truly invigorating.

Not to mention, the islands offer incredible white, sandy beaches, high-rising palm trees offering fresh coconuts and an ocean so crystalline, it is one of the clearest oceans in the world. In addition, San Andres boasts one of the world’s finest coral reefs, offering spectacular scuba diving and snorkeling conditions. The coral reef surrounds the island, offering unbeatable diving and snorkelling conditions.

What Can I Do?

Your first priority should be making time available to discover both islands of San Andres and Providencia.

Out of the two islands, San Andres is definitely the livelier offering a thriving tourism scene. Furthermore, it is more commercial than Providencia, boasting luxury hotels, delicious restaurants and more recreational activities.

On the other hand, Providencia has a population of less than five thousand, and it’s truly a nature-lovers paradise. Offering secret beaches, hidden beaches, incredible seafood and not to mention some of the world’s best scuba diving, Providencia really is a dream waiting to be discovered.

How Do I Get There?

Getting to San Andres is relatively cheap and quick when flying from mainland Colombia. With daily flights from Colombia’s principal cities, you can reach San Andres in under a 3-hour flight. When getting to Providencia, the only 2 ways to arrive are via an airplane or catamaran from San Andres. The catamaran takes roughly four hours are can be very choppy, so if you plan in advance, the plane is definitely the best option.

When Should I Go?

Fortunately, San Andres and Providencia are blessed with year-round Caribbean weather, but of course there is a best time to go. For a visit offering especially great weather, including perfect snorkeling conditions and lots of sun, visit between December and April.

If you are after some great surf at Punta Sur, it’s best to visit San Andres between November to February and June to September, when the waves are at their best.

In contrast, if you are after seeing the infamous crab migration on Providencia, you should come between April and July. This is a nice time of the year, as it is slightly cooler than previous months, and offers slightly more rain. This creates a rich and luscious Providencia meaning the flowers are in bloom and the animals are far more inquisitive than hotter months.

San Andres

When on vacation in San Andres, there really is so much to do. You can sail out to the beautiful Johnny Caye, before meandering down the promenade under a beautiful Caribbean sunset.

The majority of visitors to San Andres opt for a golf buggy to explore the 30km stretch of road encircling the island. You can take time out to visit popular landmarks that include Morgan’s Cave, San Luis and La Loma. If you are on the hunt instead for some duty-free bargains, you’ll probably find yourself in the hustle and bustle of the principal San Andres Town.


Providencia is very much an island that is stood still in-time. This is because the government offers strict building regulations, meaning the beaches remain idyllic and spectacularly natural. Furthermore, the islands restaurants remain authentic, only offering whatever was caught that day.

Without a doubt, the best thing to do on Providencia is put your feet-up and relax! You can visit beautiful beaches like Freshwater Bay, Maracaibo Bay and Manzanillo. You cannot come to Providencia without trying some snorkeling or diving, as the water is so perfectly crystal clear. Nearby Santa Catalina offers fortifications that are ready to explore, and it’s even possible to scale Providencia’s highest peak. You can conquer the 360m peak by clambering up a narrow, and not so well looked after forest trail. The peak offers incredible, 360-degree views of the island and the ocean surrounding it. It’s well worth the hike in our opinion!

In Conclusion

A vacation to either San Andres or Providencia really is a vacation of a lifetime. With the help of Arik Travel and their friendly team, you can receive the best deals on San Andres vacation packages, making your dream vacation, a reality.

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