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Places you cannot miss during your next Mexico vacation

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Places you cannot miss during your next Mexico vacation

Mexico is a massive country and there’s no shortage of things to do when visiting its paradisiac lands. From mountains and volcanoes to pristine beaches, big cities and picturesque small towns, there’s so much to explore in Mexico that it’s almost impossible to do it in a single trip.

But this article gathers the ultimate list for destinations you must visit during your next trip to Mexico.

  • A Mayan port town featuring ruins next to the Caribbean sea.
  • Isla Holbox. If swimming with whale sharks is a recurring dream of yours, this might be the perfect opportunity to make it a reality.
  • Its boat rides through the canal, abundance of mariachi bands, genuine taco stands and a large, beautiful garden worth a few hours of contemplation and exploration makes this touristic town, the perfect escapade from Mexico city.
  • Snorkeling in the utterly beautiful Riviera Maya? Check!
  • Banco Chinchorro. The perfect diving spot in the blue waters of the Caribbean east coast, where you can explore any of the nine shipwrecks and enjoy diving in its beautiful reefs.
  • El Tajin. The impressive ruins of a historical 365-window pyramid in Veracruz.
  • Teotihuacan Ruins. Just an hour away from Mexico city, these ancient Aztec ruins are a place of myth and legend. Teotihuacan translates to something like “the place where men became gods” and the legend says that this is the place where the gods had their huddle to discuss the creation of man.
  • Copper Canyon. If you’re visiting Chihuahua, hiking through its canyons is an incredible experience.
  • The perfect spot taking a tequila tour and enjoying the booming gastronomic scene.
  • San Miguel Allende. This colonial-era town almost turned into a ghost town but was re-discovered and re-newed to be an artist’s haven.
  • The home of the delicious Mole Poblano is a must if you have an adventurous palate.
  • Pujol in Mexico city. Eating at one of the top 50 restaurants in the world? Check!
  • Take a tour and hike to the peak from where you’ll be able to see an active volcano, The Popocatépetl.
  • Gastronomy is king in this town and you can eat like a king anywhere, anytime when you visit its colourful street and attend its many festivals.
  • Chichen Itza. Mexico’s most famous ruins on the Yucatán Peninsula. Its temple El Castillo, has been named one of the new seven wonders of the world.
  • Pink Lakes. The lakes at Las Coloradas are of pink colour and if you want to see this fantasy landscape, taking a roadtrip there is a must.
  • Novembers in Mexico. Is Halloween your favourite holiday? November 1st and Nov. 2nd. are somewhat of an equivalent to Halloween. The celebration is called Dia de los Muertos (Day of the dead) and people who have passed are commemorated.
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