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New York’s Awesomest Accessible Attractions

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New York’s Awesomest Accessible Attractions

The Big Apple is calling your name. New York City is not only the most famous city in the United States. Many would argue it’s among the most well known cities in the entire world! Here is where history happens. If you’re planning on passing through, make your commute all the easier with Bronx wheelchair van rentals from Wheelers Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals. Here are some of our recommendations for accessible sights to see in the city that never sleeps.

Statue Of Liberty Cruise

What better way to take in the New York City skyline up close and personal than right there on the Hudson River? You can’t go wrong spending an afternoon, or even a pleasant spring or summer evening on the water. Even if you happen to go during rain season or in the dead of winter, you can still have a nice time, since the boats have indoor areas that have heating. And of course, let us not forget about Lady Luck. The great Statue of Liberty. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the entire city. Keep in mind that the tour can take up to four hours. Some of the boats have accessible restrooms, but not all.


New York City has a lot to offer. Some of it you can pass on. Some of it is great if you have time. And some of it you can’t afford to miss. Broadway is a must. Most theaters are wheelchair accessible, although you should check in advance. The August Wilson Theatre has a lift you can take past the steps. Right by the lift is a wheelchair accessible restroom. The best part is the seating. You’ll be right up close and personal with the stars on stage.


Manhattan has some of the best shopping in the country. People come from far and wide for NYC shopping. Macy’s is in Herald Square, right in the heart of Manhattan. Pick yourself up something new. Because you deserve it. Keep in mind that in order to get to the accessible restrooms, you’ll have to take an elevator, which is not always available due to the fact that Macy’s, like most places in New York City, tends to have a bit of traffic. So just keep that in the back of your head in advance.

If you really want your visit to NYC to be pristine, you’ll want to have the proper transportation. That’s why we recommend you pick yourself up your Wheelers’ New York wheelchair van rentals, as they now have new locations in the Bronx. For more info on how to pick up your van, check out their homepage, or give them a call at 800-456-1371.

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