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The Many Uses Of Each Sized Storage Container Offered In And Around Chicagoland

portable storage containers chicago

The Many Uses Of Each Sized Storage Container Offered In And Around Chicagoland

Portable Storage Containers Chicago

Great Lakes Kwik Space (GLKS) is a portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland company. They offer containers for rent and for sale all through the greater Chicagoland area, including parts of Wisconsin. Their containers come in multiple sizes, including 10 ft. 20 ft. 40 ft. 45 ft, and 48 ft. They also offer double door containers, which are containers that you can open both sides. These containers are useful to storing large equipment such as tractors or large vehicles for landscaping or construction. Below are the uses of the different sized containers that GLKS can offer you, either for rent or to buy.

10 Foot Containers

Sometimes, this size isn’t all that easy to come by. Many companies will sell smaller containers that are only around 8 feet in length and width. But those extra two feet can make a world of a different. The alternative is cutting down a larger container. But this isn’t as effective as a box with the original design to be 10 feet. At GLKS, you can get just that.

20 Foot Long Containers

This is the most popular size of containers. They are modere in size and can fit nicely into a parking spot, making them perfect for retail companies in shopping malls, or big box stores such as Walmart and Target, who own their own parking lots. They’re also perfect for transporting goods in the event that a business needs to receive delivery of additional inventory, if it has multiple locations, or if the business is moving. That’s because they fit nicely on the back of a truck and also on boats if they are traveling across a body of water. In fact, because they are so common, they’re typically less expensive than smaller, less spacious containers such as 10 or 8 foot boxes.

40, 45, and 48 Foot Long Containers

This size is also popular, but not as much as the 20 foot boxes. 40 foot containers most often serve the purpose of long term storage. These are for the inventory that perhaps a retail store owner was unable to sell, does anticipate selling any time soon, but as not prepared to give away. The 40 footers are like the dust collectors. For this reason, it’s more often that folks will purchase, rather than rent these, since they will be storing contents for an definite period of time.

Another common purpose, thanks to their large size, is converting them into buildings. Often, during construction a company needs to relocate its workers in the meantime, they will buy a storage container and convert it into a workspace until the construction project is complete.

If you would like to buy rent one of Great Lakes Kwik Space’s portable storage containers Chicago units, you can reach them during business hours at 800-966-1016.

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