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What Makes U.S. Steel Storage Containers So Special?

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What Makes U.S. Steel Storage Containers So Special?

Portable Storage Containers Chicago

Portable shipping containers are steel. The highest quality ones use two to three year old US patented steel. Great Lakes Kwik Space (GLKS) of Chicagoland is one company that only uses new, durable, U.S. steel. It’s strong, durable, and allows minimal rusting. Here are a few components about the steel that makes up the most dependable portable storage containers Chicago units on the market.

What To Know About Insulation Of Steel Containers

Steel, while not a very effective insulator of heat, is great to protecting against wind. Moreover, if you require climate control for food storage, you can always rent a container with special refrigeration properties. This is another service that GLKS, in conjunction with Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc., offers to its clientele. GLKS has 10 ft. 20 ft. 40 ft. 45 ft, and 48 ft. ice cube and/or refrigerated containers, so that you can store meats and other refrigerable items for special events.


As we’d mentioned, the best containers use U.S. steel. COR-TEN is an acronym for the highest quality U.S. steel on the market. The COR stands for “corrosion resistant”. What makes U.S. steel so special is its element resistant properties, making it impeccably durable. The TEN means “tensile strength”, which represents the materials impenetrable security feature. COR-TEN steel typically contains iron, copper, nickel, manganese, and chromium, combination of which makes for a product that virtually no person or element can break through.

Why Maintenance Is Crucial

COR-TEN steel’s durability, ironically, stems from its properties developing a thin layer of rust that then prevents the development of further rusting. This layer is called a patina. In order for this layer to develop, the container must undergo a series of having been wet then dry and so forth. If the container remains wet for too long, this can impact the patina. That’s why, when refurbishing a container, it’s important to remain conscious of the moisture on the containers.

Most vulnerable are the cracks and crevices. These are breeding grounds for rust, and neglecting to keep them clean and up to maintenance will quickly result in them corroding. That’s why it’s crucial that you find a company that takes good care of its containers. That means keeping them clean, dry, and routinely checking their security and functionality. That’s precisely the kind of special attention one can expect from the good folks at GLKS.

If you are in search of portable storage containers Chicago services for rent or for sale, give Great Lakes Kwik Space a call today at 800-966-1016. You can find their containers all throughout Chicagoland and even stretching as far as certain zones in Wisconsin as well. Get in touch today for more information.

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