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Holiday in Cozumel: Everything you need to know

Holiday in Cozumel: Everything you need to know

If you’re planning on visiting Cozumel but still have your concerns about safety, health and overall challenges your trip might bring to the table, read on! Cozumel is part of many Mexico Vacation Packages, and the island offers plenty of opportunities for a memorable vacation packed with pleasant experiences.

Throughout the years, Cozumel has been well known for being safe for tourists. The locals have made an effort and taken the time to learn English, so getting directions and recommendations from them is rather easy at most stores and restaurants. Further, they’re very friendly and kind with tourists, the locals are always welcoming and enjoy sharing their culture with the visitors.

Although there’s a water purification plant in the island, it is not safe to drink it. Hence, bottled water is used to prepare food, make ice and of course, to drink.

Since the island is rather small, going around is very easy. Going from point A to point B and back to point A by car can be done in less than 2 hours, even if you cross the entire island. The terrain is flat and the jungle covers most of it. On the east side of Cozumel, you’ll face the open sea and its dangerous beaches pounded by powerful waves but on the west, there’s a very long beach with calm waters shared by many resorts. This area is great for snorkeling, especially in the places where there are coral formations, like in the shallow shoreline, even though most of the inshore and offshore coral is now dead… talking about the myths of climate change, huh?

Look amongst the Mexico Vacation Packages for one that includes a 360-view adventure of the island. Amongst the many activities to do in Cozumel you can count dune buggy driving, visiting the shopping area along the waterfront and taking beautiful hikes.

Keep in mind that as a tourist, you’re most likely to be overcharged at small and larger stores when it comes to retail shopping. Although the official currency is the Mexican peso, the American dollar is well received and accepted pretty much everywhere but the change will be given to you in pesos, even if you pay in dollars. In most places, prices are shown in pesos so keep an app to check currency exchange rates always on your phone.

Remember to avoid large bills, in fact try to bring bills up to 50 dollars or even 20 dollars for a 2-week trip. You can also bring pesos instead and don’t forget that every time you convert  US dollars to pesos in the island, there’s a cost around 2% higher than in the US. Since debit cards are not widely used, it’s better to bring enough cash with you. Further, if you must pay with your credit card you must be absolutely sure and always double check the amount charged to it.

Electricity supply in the island has many power surges. In order to avoid inconveniences, bring a surge protector for your electronic devices. Adaptors may save you from trouble since older buildings don’t have the typical 3 hole wall receptacle which is both grounded and polarized.

To see most of the island you will need a vehicle. Avoid 2-wheeled vehicles at all cost and rent a car instead. You can also get around in one of the many good taxi services on the island. Something very important you should know and keep in mind at all times is that Mexico doesn’t recognize out of country insurance policies. So, make sure to buy an insurance from a Mexican company with total and full coverage, no loopholes.

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