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Everything you need to know for your Vegas wedding

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Everything you need to know for your Vegas wedding

Besides the big hotels -with their noticeable structures– and the casinos, express weddings are a classic in this American city.

Gambling, spectacle, and fun are the presentation cards of Las Vegas, a shining oasis in the middle of the Nevada desert in the United States of America, in which big avenues, huge buildings and neon lights converge. The city that since decades has the title of the capital of sin or the sin city is loved by some and hated by others.


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Faithful to his famous slogan “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas “, the city hides behind its walls, hotels and thousands of chapels stories about furtive romances and accomplished dreams, because being married in this chaotic city is one of its biggest attractive.

Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow, Andrea Agassi and Steffi Graf, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are in the list of celebrities that walked across the altar  in the “sin city”.

Nevertheless, in the last decade the express wedding business has being decaying. Even though the last year the county clerk offered more than 80.000 ceremonies, the numbers are far from the numbers from the 60s decade from the last century, in the middle of an industry that got Elvis and the Viva Las Vegas film, where the actor got married in the little church of the west chapel.

But what do you need to get married in Vegas?

The big question that a lot of people ask themselves is Can anyone get married in Vegas?

At first, the only indispensable thing is to have a marriage license, a document that can be acquired in the Marriage Bureau, an office where the people interested in getting married had to accredit their identities with the use of their passports and a previous payment of 80 USD also you have to be over 18 to do this.


A wedding style for every taste

 Las Vegas is filled with a lot of chapels that provide traditional and themed weddings, in which vampires, gladiators, zombies, star trek characters and gangsters aren’t missing. One of the most popular without a doubt is the Graceland Wedding Chapel, the first to offer ceremonies with Elvis as a wedding officiate, and the possibility of a limousine service with the escorting of the bride to the altar. If the couple requires it, a double of Elvis will perform hits like Love Me Tender.

The price if the ceremony is between the 199 and 799 US Dollars, according to the package and extras chosen. Bon Jovi, Pamela Anderson or Magic Johnson opted for the Graceland Wedding Chapel since it’s a classic.

Some of the other most popular chapels are the Wee Kirk or the Heather Wedding Chapel, recently reformed to keep hosting more of their intimate and romantic ceremonies which include white benches with flowers, a path of roses and other details, although there’s the possibility to have Elvis as in the other local chapels.

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