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Christmas traditions in Panama PT 1.

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Christmas traditions in Panama PT 1.

Christmas in Panama, like in most countries in the world is a time to share with family and friends doing good deeds, a time to give thanks for everything received during the year and recognizing Jesus in all the people in need. Closer to this time of the year Panamanians both in the capital and the provinces, revive traditions that give a special touch to Christmas.


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  • Christmas decorations

In every home, lights and Christmas arrangements are placed to illuminate the arrival of Baby Jesus, and this light is irradiated to the world.

The so called “foquitos” are placed in windows, roofs and gardens and turned on at night. This practice is not just a Panamanian household thing, but it’s also used in businesses and shops all around the country.

Also, there are avenues, parks and residential areas that are lit up for the entertainment of families and people in general.


  • The Nativity Scene.

A tradition deeply rooted among Panamanians is placing the nativity scene, known in other countries as bethlehem.

Families use all their creativity, through a lot of different materials to recreate the birth of Jesus Christ, and it’s placed whether inside or outside the house. You can find them in many different styles, made of ceramic, plastic, metal and organic material for those who like to be eco-friendly.


  • The Christmas tree

In late November and early December, Panamanians set the famous Christmas tree in their homes. This tradition was introduced into the country through North American influence and the contact with North American people living in the isthmus.

At first, it was decorated with the traditional Christmas colors, green, red and golden, but through the years it’s been changing, and now a lot of new materials are being used.

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