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Christmas and New Year in Los Cabos

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Christmas and New Year in Los Cabos

Here you will dine delicious, keep on with the party and do extreme activities. There are also options for all the family and the younger ones. Everyone is invited!

Cabo San Lucas is distinguished by offering the most exclusive natural beauty in its reefs and beaches; a variety of delicious cuisine and drinks in its restaurants and bars, and extreme activities for the more adventurous throughout the year. The last weeks of 2017 will be no exception, so we’ve listed seven reasons for traveling to this place on the edge of the peninsula of Baja California.


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Discounts and special packages

In new Year’s Eve you can find attractive deals to travel and stay, but to book in advance is almost always necessary. For example, the hotel RIU Palace Cabo San Lucas has a special promotion from 1,910 pesos per person each night, which will last until December 23. This hotel offers an all included plan that features amenities such as spa, swimming pools with Jacuzzi and bar, tennis, volleyball, kids club and international restaurants, among others. From Christmas Eve, the price increases, but still worthwhile for all you can enjoy during this trip.

Also, the Grand Velas Los Cabos offers all in New Years package , effective from December 26th, 2017 to January 4th, 2018. This includes dinner, credit to use their spa, discounts at the boutique and a special rate for children.


the new guests from Cabo

From December to March you can live the unique experience of watching gray whales, which give birth to their babies in winter. And if you stay at the RIU Palace, you will also have the opportunity to witness this spectacle from the lobby bar. Almost like seeing it from your living room!


Live nature in color

If you are one of those who wants to admire the beauty of the Cortez Sea, even in the depths, your best option is to hire an adventure trip in Cabo Adventures. Snorkel, dive the reefs –you can do it, even if you are a beginner. Swim with dolphins and even whale sharks. Currently they have special offers for Mexican travelers. Take advantage of it!


For those who want adrenaline

Cabo Adventures also offers the experience of Off-Road Adventure, where you can tour the desert of Baja California, impressive canyons, mountains and beaches aboard an all-terrain vehicle. Another option for adventurers, although in San Jose del Cabo, is the theme park Wild Canyon, which has eight ziplines in a circuit of more than two miles. If you want adrenaline, we recommend Sling Swingers, an attraction where you jump on swing from a platform 100 meters above the ground.



Many restaurants, resorts and bars in Cabo San Lucas offer a New Year feast with music and entertainment, from 2,700 pesos per person, according to the website Cabo Expeditions.

We met and we recommend Fat Tuna, a restaurant with international cuisine menu. On the third floor of this place is Fat Tunes, a space for lovers of Ibiza style parties.

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