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The Best Wheelchair Accessible Waterfalls in North Carolina

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The Best Wheelchair Accessible Waterfalls in North Carolina

North Carolina has to be one of the most picturesque places to visit in the entire continental United States. A big reason is due to the beautiful blue ridge mountains that cover a large part of the state. Typically, where there are mountains, there are gorgeous waterfalls nearby. Finding a waterfall often requires an epic journey, hiking, and dealing with some intense terrain. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the best wheelchair accessible waterfalls in North Carolina for those looking to explore natural beauty without the hike. All of these waterfalls can be viewed from either the parking lot or the road. Don’t forget to keep Wheelers in mind for your North Carolina wheelchair van rental needs during your time spent in this lovely state!

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Dry Falls

This handicap accessible 75-foot splendor of a waterfall is found in Highlands, North Carolina. The waterfall is located directly next to Highway 64 and is a sight to behold. The name comes from the walking platform that allows you to get right under the waterfall while keeping yourself dry. We highly suggest bringing your camera along to capture the moment, although photos really don’t do it justice!

Looking Glass Falls

The most visited waterfall in all of North Carolina is located in Brevard, North Carolina. It stands at 50 feet tall and is named after the nearby mountain face that freezes over in the winter and resembles a looking glass of sorts. You can view the falls directly from the road and enjoy the natural wonders. People can also walk down to the observation deck for a better view.

Tom Branch Falls

Travel to the heart of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and you will find the tranquil 80-foot Tom Branch Falls. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most brilliant. This waterfall may not have large sprays and intensity, but it does emit a very calm and relaxing vibe. The falls can be found a few minutes away from the parking lot.

There are loads of natural marvels to discover in the amazing state of North Carolina. We hope you can use this guide as a starting point for uncovering some absolutely gorgeous scenery. Perhaps it even will inspire you to uncover some additional waterfalls we did not mention above!

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