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Avoid over packing in 5 simple steps

Avoid over packing in 5 simple steps

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in the position of choosing what to pack for your next vacation. This question might be most difficult than you think, as it happens more often than not, people end up packing stuff they don’t need and forgetting the essentials at home. Or fearing they might forget something they need they end up taking with them twice the amount of luggage they will actually need.

If you’re familiar with that situation, then you should start thinking that you might not be the most patient or the most thorough when it comes to planning for a trip.

Especially when it comes to long trips, people might feel the need to pack a lot more than they will actually use during the trip. Although over packing it’s not necessarily a problem in itself, carrying extra weight around it’s not very convenient or comfortable. Further, there are extra charges for extra luggage in most airlines, which means that smart packing will not only save you time but money too.

The easiest way to avoid overpacking is thinking through the goals and conditions of your trip. Once you’ve figured out how many days will your trip last and what kind of activities you’ll be performing you can start planning entire outfits for each day. To make those outfits work without actually carrying a new and unique outfit for each day, mix and match different items to create different looks with the same clothes.

A common formula is to pack 11 pairs of pants and only 5 shirts, another one is to pack 5 bottoms options, 10 tops -including a jacket– and 2 dresses. After pairing up as many outfits as possible you can start packing. To keep things organised, use packing cubes and put the outfits together.

Shoes are usually the trickiest part of packing for travel. To avoid overpacking shoes, choose a pair of comfortable shoes for walking  and a simple pair of casual / dressy shoes -depending on your trip’s activities– 2 pair of shoes should be enough and you just have to make sure the 2 pairs are versatile enough to go well with all the outfits you put together.

Of course, dressing according to the weather of your destination is key, and although it s very important that you pack everything you’re going to need, like your flat iron or something else, keep in mind that you won’t always need the things that you use at home.

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